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WAKODO - Mosquito Repellent Patch - 60pcs - Made in Japan

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Japan Baby Champion List ~ Anti-mosquito stickers,

Heguangtang Eucalyptus Baby Mosquito Repellent Patch 60pcs ~!

The Japanese moms unanimously approved the summer insect repellent artifact and Guangtang insect repellent stickers!

Effective mosquito repellent for 6 ~ 8 hours, can be used by newborn babies and pregnant women,

The mosquito repellent patch made of pure natural eucalyptus essential oil can safely and effectively remove mosquitoes without stimulation.

It can be attached to the head of the bed when sleeping at night ...

When you take your baby out, you can stick it on baby clothes or strollers,

Nowhere are you afraid of the damn mosquitoes, prepare them in advance so that your baby will suffer less!

Japan Heguangtang Infant and Young Child Plant Essential Oil Anti-mosquito Repellent Patch 60pcs

1. Non-toxic and reassuring: vegetable oil plus california flavor, native to Australia,

It is a post paper impregnated with plant essential oil. The fresh vanilla fragrance makes it difficult for mosquitoes to access.

2. Stable paste: the material is made of high oxygen permeability woven fabric, suitable for paste texture.

3. Easily repel mosquitoes: easy to carry, when parents take their children to travel, camp, and walk,
On your clothing or items around you, just apply a patch, the plant essential oil in the "patch" will be released slowly and balanced,
Continue to evaporate and play a mosquito repellent effect with an effective radius of 50 cm.
4. Long-lasting effect: one use can last 6-8 hours.

1. After the bag is torn, there is a sealing strip. Just put the rest back into the bag and pull the sealing strip to seal it.

Generally, 2-3 stickers for babies, 3-4 stickers for children, and 5-6 stickers for adults are better.

 2. Try to stick it to the clothing where the skin is exposed, and stick it on the cuff when going out,

On the trousers and the brim, you can also put it on the side of the pillow when you sleep.


Do not stick directly on the baby's skin;

This product is used for external mosquito repellent to prevent accidental eating;

The use of non-toxic ingredients, mosquito repellent effect will not be as strong as pesticides,

This section is to repel mosquitoes, not kill mosquitoes! In order to achieve a better anti-mosquito effect, you can stick a few more in different parts!

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