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Anpanman! The Bean Bun Man! Japan’s favourite children’s superhero is here at Panda Kids, and he’s brought with him all sorts of toys to play with. Give your little one the gift of an Anpanman toy that you bought here online with Panda Kids.

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Who is Anpanman?

Anpanman is the children’s superhero whose head is made of a red bean curd bun! He’s a warrior for justice and fights for the good of everyone. He doesn’t need to eat or drink but feeds the hungry with his red bean curd bun head.

Fight off the villainous Baikinman and his mouldy henchmen the Mouldyrunrun. Heal with the skilled baker Uncle Jam and his assistant Batako-san. Explore the world with friends Currypanman, Shokupanman and Anpanman’s trusty sidekick Cheese.

Shop for Japanese Anpanman toys and more with Panda Kids

You can buy Anpanman toys here online with Panda Kids! Shop from our range and find the perfect gift for a newborn baby, toddler or child. Box music toys are always a popular choice, and one of our most popular Anpanman toys at Panda Kids is the Pinocchio Anpanman Big Greedy Seven Sides Music Box.

Anpanman has inspired generations of kids in Japan with his adventures. If you haven’t ever seen him in action against Baikinman – or out on patrol keeping everybody safe, you should! He and his food-based friends are a shining example to kids all over the world of what can be achieved through kindness and curiosity. Let him inspire a child close to your heart with Anapanman toys you bought here online with Panda Kids!

About Panda Kids

Panda Kids is a Melbourne based company that sells all sorts of wonderful toys. We pride ourselves on being the company that is introducing a whole new generation to the world of Anpanman. He has long been a favourite of children in Japan and your kids might love him too!

At Panda Kids, you can find all sorts of products from the best brands in the world. Whether it’s homewares, toys, or nappies for your little one, you can find it here with us. Shop with Panda Kids today to have your child’s new favourite toy delivered straight to your door.

Panda Kids toys – delivered to your door

Anpanman is one of our favourites, but here at Panda Kids, there is even more! We stock all sorts of art supplies, educational toys and the homewares that make entertaining, feeding and keeping your little one moving easy and joyful!

Shop with Panda Kids for the toys that your child will love now and for years to come!

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