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Get the best for your little one. Panda Kids is proud to stock an extensive range of premium nappies from Moony, a Japanese leader in baby supplies. 

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Designed to keep them soft and comfortable while still delivering the features you need as a parent, they’re one of the most popular local brands in Japan. Panda Kids is pleased to be able to bring their line of Moony Natural ultra-soft organic cotton nappies to parents across Australia. From night diapers to everyday nappies, we have it all. Browse our range today and find something for your little one. 

Why your little one will love Moony Japanese nappies 

Moony Natural nappies offer new levels of softness and absorbency for babies and toddlers of all ages. A state-of-the-art design allows them to be thinner while still keeping baby dry – perfect for slipping under clothes. 

A 3D processed wavy inner lining delivers superior breathability, ensuring your little one is comfortable as soon as possible after going to the toilet. A silky-soft inner lining made from organic cotton makes them suitable for babies with even the most sensitive skin, keeping even the fussiest babies comfortable. The soft and flexible outer layer of Moony Natural nappies allows them to fit children of all shapes and sizes. A convenient wetness indicator allows mums and dads to tell at a glance when the baby needs changing, while a unique absorbency area on the back protects your baby from irritation from runny stool, absorbing it quickly away from the skin. Give your little one what they need to play the way they want with Moony Natural nappies from Panda Kids. 

Australia’s home of Moony premium nappies 

At Panda Kids, we understand how important it is that your little one gets the care they need to reach their full potential. Those first few years are where some of the most crucial learning and development happens in children, so it’s vital that they get the support they need. 

Panda Kids wants to help parents across Australia give their boys and girls everything they need to grow up the right way. We offer an extensive selection of Moony diapers alongside a full range of maternity products, feeding supplies and children’s toys, ensuring you have everything you need to keep mum and bub happy, healthy and content. 

Panda Kids is proud to be able to bring a range of Moony Natural diapers and baby wipes to Australian parents. Browse a carefully curated selection of products from a Japanese brand loved and respected by mums and dads the world over and enjoy free delivery on orders over $59 in selected major cities in Australia.

Need help finding the right products for you and yours? Get in touch with us with any questions via email at info@pandakids.com.au or call us directly on 1300 086 028 and we’ll be happy to assist.