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Give your little one what they need to run and play all day without the risk of wetness. Panda Kids proudly offers a range of Pampers Premium nappies to suit children of all ages and sizes. 

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A favourite of parents the world over since the 1950s, Pampers Premiums delivers the durability, comfort and features you need in a nappy. Times have changed over the previous 70 years, but Pampers’ dedication to helping parents get the best for their little one hasn’t. Innovations like multiple absorbency channels help active kids dry no matter what they’re doing while specially formulated premium cotton fabrics ensure the perfect fit and a softer feel for your child. 

Australian parents love Pampers nappies 

Designed for breathability, flexibility and absorbency, both you and baby will love their Pampers. What sets Pampers Premium apart is the cutting-edge technology that goes into their manufacturing. Blankie Soft™ outer material delivers a comfortable fit for baby, while the Air Channels™ system increases airflow and encourages dryness, minimising the risk of skin-contact rashes. Innovative fabric design allows for wetness to be distributed evenly, preventing leaks and allowing greater confidence when you’re out and about and away from a changing table, while a wetness indicator lets you know exactly when it’s time for a fresh nappy. 

With Pampers Premium nappies for toddlers and newborns, finding the best fit for your little one has never been easier. The Pampers Premium range is available in a range of sizes to suit growing children, from newborns under 5 kilograms to extra large nappy pants for adventurous toddlers up to 22 kilograms. Explore our range of Pampers Premiums – imported directly from Japan –  and find something to take the hassle out of changing time with Pampers and Panda Kids. 

Browse the Pamper nappies range online 

Panda Kids is run by parents, for parents. We know how hard it can be to find the right products for your little one. With so much to choose from and so much advice, sorting what’s right for your child from what doesn’t work can be exhausting in its own right – and that’s before changing time! 

We want to help. Panda Kids makes it easy to find high quality baby products that suit your lifestyle and meet your baby’s needs, making these early years easier for mum and bub. We’ve brought together a curated selection of products from the world’s top baby brands, covering toys, maternity pads, nappies and more, putting everything you need to keep both you and your child happy, healthy, and satisfied within easy reach. 

Panda Kids is proud to be able to offer a selection from Pampers, covering everything from newborn baby nappies to rompers for toddlers taking their first steps into the world. Explore our range today and find something perfect for your child and enjoy free delivery starts from order value $59 to selected major cities in Australia. 

Not sure what you and your little one need? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us via email at info@pandakids.com.au or call us directly on 1300 086 028 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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