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WAKODO - First Cereal Brown Rice x Oats Green And Yellow Vegetables -25g

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Product Description

It's easy to eat brown rice and oats, and it's a moderately sweet cereal made into a fluffy puff that melts in your mouth.

Contains 4 kinds of green and yellow vegetables.

●A cereal containing green and yellow vegetables that even children with picky or disliked eating habits can easily take vegetables they don't like.

● The size is easy for children around 9 months to grasp.

●Fragrance and coloring agents are not used.

  • The puffed cereal with mild flavor of vegetables , made with four vegetables, brownrice, and oats.



brownrice flour [rice (Japan)], oats flour, maltose, sugar, spinach powder, carrot powder, tomato powder, green vegetable (Komatsuna) powder / calcium carbonate, ferric pyrophosphate, antioxidant (vitamin E), (contains soybeans).

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