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Unicharm SOFY - Hadaomoi Specific Big Quantities for The Night - 33cm * 9pcs

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Blood left on the surface of napkins can cause discomfort and skin troubles.
Sofy Hada-Omoi absorbs heavy menstrual blood and doesn't get sticky, so stays feeling dry and is kind to the skin.
The Hada-Omoi sheet properly absorbs without leaving blood on the surface, so this will stay dry feeling all night and gently cares for your skin.
The gather provides a continuous secure fit and prevents side leaks. Even on especially heavy nights, this will prevent leaks and keep your skin comfy.
Size: 33cm for peace of mind.
Contents: 9
Ingredients/Materials: [Surface Material] polyethylene, polyester, [Color] White, Blue
Size (cm): 17.5 x 9.5 x 9.5
Weight (item only)[G]: 141
Made in Japan
Manufacturer Name: Unicharm
Handling Precautions:
・In case of any skin lesion, consult with a certified doctor.r.
・After using, wrap napkin in individual wrapper and throw away.
・Do not flush down the toilet.
・After opening, store hygienically so that dust and pests do not get inside.

Note: As Japanese product packaging is often limited/revisioned, if the photo is too late to be replaced, please refer to the actual product received.

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