Unicharm Moony - Nappy Pants for 9-14kg - Size L - 44pcs - For Boy Nappies Moony

Unicharm Moony - Nappy Pants for 9-14kg - Size L - 44pcs - For Boy

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Size: L
Suitable for: 9-14kg
44 Nappies, Pants

Fits even active babies who move around well, so you don't have to worry about leaks from gaps
The full high waist is made of soft stretch material so there are zero worries about slipping out of place or leaks.
Wide, snug fit! Gathers give you peace of mind about leaks from gaps!
Contains plant oils with moisturizing effects

\Absolutely/ no leaks!

Sheet contains plant oils
Contains olive oil, which has a moisturizing effect and feels soft against the skin

Of course, it is full of all features that are needed for diaper.

Thoroughly absorbs urine
Absorbs 12 hours' worth* of urine.
*The amount of urine varies for each baby.
The guideline is the amount the diaper absorbs, not the length of time used.

Dry and prevents dampness
The full ventilation sheet keeps the baby's bottom dry even if the baby is hot and sweating.

Has notification signs that tell you when to change the diaper
If there is urine, the line changes to a blue-green color, so you can quickly tell when to change the diaper.

Cleanup is easy! Wrap-around tape
Roll it up so that the dirty part is on the inside, and tape it with the tape on the bottom area.

Made in Japan, Manufactured around Feb 2022.

Note: As Japanese product packaging is often limited/revisioned, if the photo is too late to be replaced, please refer to the actual product received.


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