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Sylvanian Families - Seal Family

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Almost Gone

Product Description

Maurice Floater is a speedy swimmer, he used to be known as the Sea Breeze Cape speedster, although now a days he is more than often found lazing around and having his belly poked by the babies.

Amora Floater is a laid-back mum. She is always out shopping for lot of fun toys for her babies, and is often heard saying “Freeze it for now!” She believes that time stops when she freezes things, so her freezer is always full!

Puffy Floater is a cautious type. He can’t let go of his floatie when he's in the water, which makes him a little frustrated because his sister Moffy is a good swimmer. He is practicing swimming with his Father, so that one day he can do it on his own!

Moffy Floater is an active baby who can swim with ease, unlike her brother. She jumps into the water without fear and surprises everyone around her.

Family Members:

Maurice Floater– father

Amora Floater– mother

Puffy Floater– baby boy

Muffy Floater– baby girl

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