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Sylvanian Families - Pony's Vanity Dresser Set

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Almost Gone

Product Description

Introducing the pink-haired Pony girl, Joy! Joy's Pony Vanity Dresser Set is a hair accessory set including a compact mirror and hair accessories. The compact can be opened up to turn it into a dresser with a mirror and shelves. The included accessories can be stored away inside the dresser.

The ribbon puff in the middle of the compact can be used as a stool for the dresser. The dresser can also be used to display the accessories.

Combine with the Pony's Stylish Salon or Pony's Hair Stylist Set (both sold separately) for even more fun imaginative playtime!

Set includes: Pony girl, Compact Main Unit, Makeup Palette, Ribbon Puff (Chair), Mini Compact, Unicorn Alice Band, Comb, Heart Bag, Jewel Bag, Hair Clip (Yellow Candy), Hair Clip (Blue Candy), Hair Clip (Pink Strawberry), Hair Clip (Blue Strawberry), Hair Clip (Pink Flower), Hair Clip (Blue Flower), Hair Clip (Yellow Flower), Hair Accessory (Shell), Hair Accessory (Star), Perfume Bottle, Moisturiser, Foundation, Earring/Bracelet (Clover), Earring/Bracelet (Ribbon)

Ages: 3+

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