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Super Mario - Super Mario Hover Shell Strike

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Almost Gone

Product Description

The exciting air hockey-like toy with the familiar Green Shell from the Super Mario games!

Use the included paddles to hit the shell back and forth as it glides on a cushion of air! For more fun check out other Super Mario toys

How to play:

  1. Puck hovers independently and glides across any smooth surface!

  2. Use any available space for a one-on-one battle!


  1. -Please use alkaline batteries. Battery life:about 1 hour of continuous use.

  2. -Please ask your parent or guardian to install or replace batteries.

  3. -Battery life is when a new alkaline battery(1.5V) is used. Battery life might be shorter depending on use, Battery life might be shorter depending on use, battery type, and battery capacity(1.5V or less).

  4. -Be sure to remove the battery when not using the product for a long time.

  5. -Please make sure to turn the switch OFF after you have finished playing.

How to insert batteries

  1. Loosen the screw of the battery compartment lid with a cross head screwdriver and open the battery compartment lid.

  2. Insert 2 AAA(LR03) batteries (sold separately) as shown in the diagram.

    Be sure to insert the batteries in the proper positive/negative(+/-) direction, and always insert the negative(-) side of the battery first.

Use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended for this product.

Not for children uner 3 years.

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