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Super Mario - Movie Route n GO

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Almost Gone

Product Description

From Epoch Games! The tabletop action-packed puzzle game inspired by the world ofThe SUPER MARIO BROS. Movies!

Lead the van to the finish line by sliding the track tiles!
Be careful not to make the van fall off!

Route 'n GO!

① Turn on the switch and start! There are 2 speed levels.

② Slide the tiles and avoid the van from falling over.

③ Press the roof button of the van to switch direction.

3 Fun Game Rules:

① Single Player Mode

Try reaching the goal in the least number of moves!

② 2 Player Mode

Take turns to move the van until it reaches the goal. Each player is allowed up to 3 moves during their turn. Say "Route 'n GO!" to switch to your partner's turn. Moving a tile or pressing the roof button on the van counts as "1 move".

③ Head-to-Head Competition

Each player is allowed to move the tiles up to 3 times during each turn. Press the button on the van and say "Route 'n GO!" to switch to your opponent's turn. If the van goes off the track, both players must restart the game. Whoever reaches the goal first is the winner.


  1. -Please use alkaline batteries. Battery life: about 3 hour of continuous use.

  2. -Please ask your parent or guardian to install or replace batteries.

  3. -Battery life is when a new alkaline battery (1.5V) is used. Battery life might be shorter depending on use, battery type, and battery capacity (1.5V or less).

  4. -Be sure to remove the battery when not using the product for a long time.

  5. -Please make sure to turn the switch OFF after you have finished playing.

How to insert batteries

  1. ①Loosen the screw of the battery compartment lid with a cross head screwdriver and open the battery compartment lid.

  2. ②Insert 2 AAA (LR03) batteries (sold separately) as shown in the diagram.

    Be sure to insert the batteries in the proper positive/negative (+/-) direction, and always insert the negative (-) side of the battery first.

Use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended for this product.

Not for children under 3 years.

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