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STELLAVAN & PAPA - Kirra the Koala’s Face 3 in 1 kids Wooden Block Puzzle

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Product Description

Experience the Charm of the Outback: Koala Wooden Puzzle!

Indulge in a slice of Australia's unique allure with our captivating Koala Wooden Puzzle. This delightful masterpiece is a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity. Expertly designed, each piece is a testament to the natural charm of koalas and their serene sanctuary.

Embark on an Adventure

Immerse yourself in a world of playful discovery as you buy our Koala Wooden Puzzle. With just a few clicks, you can bring the magic of the Australian outback into your home. The beauty of this wooden koala puzzle lies not only in its craftsmanship but in the memories it creates.

More Than Just a Puzzle:

Unveil the secret of this koala puzzle—more than just a jigsaw challenge, it transforms into building blocks, allowing your child to craft their own koala sanctuary or dreamy forest. Educational, entertaining, and engaging, it’s an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Your Pathway to Koala Wonder:

This eco-friendly, sustainably sourced wooden puzzle is a timeless token of the mesmerizing koala world. Embrace the charm and wonder as your child pieces together their very own koala haven.

Experience the Koala Adventure Now!

Discover the joy of our Koala Wooden Puzzle, where learning meets play and where imagination knows no bounds.

Recommended Age 18+ months


Beech wood from sustainably sourced forests - FSC

Non-toxic paints


Product Package -

Wooden Puzzles - 20cmx20cmx2cm - 730g

Individual puzzles pieces vary

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