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Smart Games - XXL Jump - Extra Large Version

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Almost Gone

Product Description

EXTRA LARGE Jump’in • Ages 7+ • Smart Games 100 Challenges

XXL version of this game, perfectfor schools or demonstrations. This Jump’In XXL version is much bigger and includes 40 extra challenges with a black rabbit on top of the existing 60 challenges (see image with children for the comparison in size XXL vs regular game).


1) Select a challenge. Place the rabbits, foxes and mushrooms on the game board as indicated in the challenge.

2) The object of the game is to move the rabbits and foxes around the game board until all of the rabbits are safe in brown holes.

• Foxes move by sliding forward or backward. Foxes cannot jump over obstacles or be placed elsewhere on the board.

• Mushrooms are stationary and cannot be moved.

• Rabbits move by jumping horizontally or vertically over one or more spaces with obstacles: other rabbits, foxes, mushrooms or a combination of these:

- Rabbits must land on the first empty space after a jump - they can never move over empty spaces.

- Rabbits can never move without jumping over at least 1 obstacle, thus they can never move to an adjacent space.

 - A hole with a rabbit inside is an obstacle, while empty holes are not obstacles.

- A rabbit can jump into – but not over – an empty hole.

 - If needed, rabbits can jump out of holes they are already sitting in.

- Rabbits can jump over a fox no matter the orientation of the fox: tail to front, front to tail, or over the side.

3)You have found a solution when all of the rabbits are inside brown holes! The end position of the foxes is not important.

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