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Skater - Shampoo Hat With Ear Guard - Winnie the Pooh

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Firmly guard against weak water!
Enjoy bath time with your favorite characters♪

Prevent water and shampoo from getting into your eyes and ears!
Shampoo hat with ear guards!

Large brim that prevents water from splashing on your face.
Ear guards that prevent water from entering the ears.
Made of light and soft EVA resin material, it does not hurt when worn on the head.

The size of the head can be adjusted with 4 stages of snap buttons!Adjustable range :
approx. 430-520mm(
suitable for 6 months to 6 years old)

[Product size (approximately)]
Size: 315 x 280 x 17mm
Adjustable range: approx.DegreeSnap button: Polyester / Heat-resistant temperature 60 degrees* Please note that it may break if pulled strongly.●Made in China*The posted image is an image only.Colors and patterns may differ from the actual product.Thank you for your understanding.

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