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Skater - Round Stainless Steel Insulated Bento Box Lunch Jar 540ml - I'm Doraemon

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Product Description

Even if you can't use a microwave, you can carry warm rice with you

with this cafe bowl★Enjoy warm rice or noodles in a bowl style☆彡
Recommended for cold salad pasta!

You can add the toppings later, so the rice and noodles won't get soggy from the soup♪

◆For a warm bowl lunch!
◆OK for ingredients with a lot of soup!
◆For noodles such as pasta!

The inner container has a gasket to prevent leakage, and you can remove the lid and put it in the microwave!
The main body has a vacuum double structure that is excellent at keeping warm and cold.

・Heat retention: 52 degrees or higher (6 hours)

Total capacity: 540ml (inner container: 220ml)

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: Diameter 115 x Height 140mm
Weight: 330g

[Quality indication]
Body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating) / Heat resistant temperature -20 to 140 degrees
Lid: Polypropylene (inner material: Styrofoam) / Heat resistant temperature -20 to 140 degrees
Inner container / Inner container lid: Polypropylene / Heat resistant temperature -20 to 140 degrees
Gasket: Silicone rubber / Heat resistant temperature -20 to 140 degrees
Bottom plate: Thermoplastic elastomer / Heat resistant temperature -20 to 70 degrees

Type of antibacterial agent used: Inorganic antibacterial agent
Processing method: Kneading
Processing area: Entire product (excluding metal parts and inner material)

The SIAA mark is displayed on products that have been quality controlled and information disclosed in accordance with the guidelines of the Antibacterial Product Technology Council, based on the results of evaluation by the ISO22196 method.

*Does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.
*Never use the main body in a microwave oven.
*Do not use the lid or main body in a dishwasher.
*When putting food into the inner container, cool cooked side dishes before putting them in the inner container.

●Made in China

*The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The color and pattern may differ from the actual product. Thank you for your understanding.

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