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Skater - Antibacterial Direct Drink One-Touch Bottle - 480ml - Disney Princess

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Product Description

Dishwasher OK plastic direct drinking water bottle.

Easy to open with push-type opening!
The main body is a wide mouth type that makes it easy to put ice.

Comes with a shoulder strap that can be carried over the shoulder.
The shape is light and easy to hold.

With name sticker.

*There is no cooling effect.
※Please do not put hot things in it.

About this product

Size (approx.): Width 95 x Depth 79 x Height 210mm
Capacity: 480ml

Material:Cap: Saturated polyester resin (heat-resistant temperature: 100 degrees)

Body/Lid/Belt: Polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature: 120 degrees)

Packing: Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature: 140 degrees)

Spring/Pin: Stainless steel

Country of Manufacture:Made in Japan

Type of antibacterial agent used: Inorganic antibacterial agent
Processing method: Kneading
processing Part: Overall (excluding belts and metal parts)

The SIAA mark is based on the results of evaluation by the ISO22196 method, quality control and information disclosure in the guidelines of the Antibacterial Product Technology Council displayed on the product.

*It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.
* The posted image is an image only.Colors and patterns may differ from the actual product.Thank you for your understanding.

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