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Schleich - Large dino research station

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Product Description

The Large Dino Research Station from Schleich Dinosaurs is the winner of the Parents Magazine 2020 Best Toy Award. This full-featured dinosaur playset comes with two dinosaur figurines, a researcher Maxx figurine, and dozens of accessories for boundless storytelling. 

The big dinosaur research station is the heart of the new play world! With 2 dinosaurs and dinosaur researcher Maxx and great accessories! 

Dinosaurs and dinosaur researcher Maxx are only available in this set! With rotating crane and cable winch! Fence elements with breakout function! 

Can be assembled individually! Figure with moving arms and legs! 

The Large dino research station from Schleich® Dinosaurs offers plenty of adventure and playing fun!

Makes a great gift for dinosaur lovers ages 4 and up.


1x Velociraptor, 1x Brachiosaurus, 1x Researcher Maxx, 1x Building, 1x Control Panel, 5x Fence Elements, 1x Entrance Gate, 2x Ladders, 1x Tranquilizer Cannon, 4x Projectiles, 1x Crane with Cable Winch, 1x Staff Weapon, 1x Net, 1x Projectile Cartridge, 1x Satellite, 1x Surveillance Camera, 1x Mobile Telephone, 1x Laptop, 1x Knife, 1x Binoculars, 1x Aluminium Box, 1x Bait, 1x Acacia Leaves, 1x Hat, 1x Sticker

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