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Schleich - Horse Transporter

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Product Description

Load up the horses...it's time to travel to the big horse show! Groom your toy horses at the built-in grooming station, or practice the equestrian obstacle course in the modular paddock. Relax in the rooftop pool gather around the barbecue after a long day of training. Perfect for gift-giving, the Horse Transporter is a must-have addition to your Horse Club collection.

Wow, this horse transporter really has what it takes! Lisa has everything on board to travel to the next tournament with her family and as many as four horses. They have such a great time on their way there. During the journey the horses are safe and sound in their boxes. Once they've arrived, Lisa sets up the transportable paddock with fencing. She even has obstacles with her so that they can practice for the upcoming tournament. Lisa never gets bored of coming up with new exercises. And the parents? They get to relax in the rooftop pool.


1x transporter, 4 car seats, 1x straw inlay, 1x table, 2x chairs, 1x kitchenette, 1x ladder, 4x fence, 4x wooden inlay for fence, 1x horse box seat flap, 2x curtain, 2x wooden inlay, 1x backpack, 1x barbecue, 6x transport gaiters, 1x barbecue tongs, 1x water ball, 3x sausages, 2x corn cobs, 1x water hose with end piece, 1x broom, 1x pitchfork, 1x water container with pump. 2x obstacle poles, 2x ZZ hanging pole, 2x saddle stand, 3x bridle, 3x saddle, 1x straw bale, 3x plate, 3x cup, 1x parasol, 3x bottle, 1x flower vase, 3x hay net, 4x obstacle tree trunk, 1x bone, 2x carrot, 1x hay, 1x bouquet, 1x curry comb, 1x card brush, 3x helmet, 1x helmet, 1x couch, 3x horse, 1x golden retriever, 2x cloth blanket, 3x pillow, 3x saddle blanket, 3x stable halter, 1x horse blanket, 3x human figure

Additional Information

• Packed with accessories! Playset includes the horse transporter and more than 100 accessories for hours of imaginative play.
• Carries Four Toy Horses. Perfect for transporting your favorite schleich® toy horses to the horse show or a sleepover at a friend's house.
• Kid-Friendly Materials. Every schleich® Horse Club toy is made from durable materials (and a sprinkling of magic) for a lifetime of play -- our toys are built to become keepsakes passed down for generations.
• Great Gift for Horse Lovers! Perfect for schleich® Horse Club collectors or any child who loves horses.
• Easy Set Up! Our toys like to play as much as possible, so the Horse Transporter playset is built for easy assembly. Let's get your story started!

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