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Sarasa - Laundry Detergent Liquid Body (670g)

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Product Description

The new Sarasa has achieved the highest cleaning power in the history of Sarasa without additives. Contains citric acid*2, so it cleans even tough dirt and odors.Contains carefully selected plant-derived ingredients*3 to gently envelop your precious skin. No need to worry about detergent residue. No fluorescent agents, bleach, or colorants added. One rinse OK. Subtle and gentle citrus scent.

*1 No fluorescent agent, bleach, or coloring agent added

*2 As a cleaning aid

*3 Some of the softening ingredients are derived from plants

Give your baby the comfort of being exposed

It is the No. 1* detergent of choice.

Sarasa liquid detergent
is the No. 1 brand chosen by mothers who care about their babies.
It has been loved and usedby many mothers for many years .

Contains carefully selected plant-derived ingredients*

Sarasa liquid detergentis formulated with carefully selected plant-derived ingredients.We pay particular attention to each ingredient, considering its gentleness on the skin.

Ex- skin testedunder the supervision of a dermatologist *

The liquid detergent Sarasa has undergone skin testing under the supervision of a dermatologist. A liquid detergent that gently wraps your precious skin.

Thoroughly cleansmilk stains and regurgitation

When you hear about baby detergent, you may be worried about its cleaning power. Sarasa cleans away stubborn milk spills and sebum stains. Keep your baby's clothes safe and clean.

Nofluorescent agents, bleach, or colorants added

Sarasa liquid detergentis a detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents, bleach, or coloring agents.We remove as many additives as possible, so you don't have to worry about detergent residue.

Highest cleaning power in the history of additive-free washing

Clothing for the whole family is also OK.

Formulated with natural enzymes to thoroughly clean clothes for the whole family.

Contains citric acid*2

Contains citric acid to thoroughly remove odors and dirt from clothing *2 As a cleaning aid

Bringing the comfort of bare skin to a careful lifestyle

Made in Japan by P&G Japan

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