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Richell - Snoopy Baby Inflatable Bath Tub

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Product Description

  • Advantage.1 Soft cushioned baby bathtub for infants! It is a soft bathtub which helps both mother and child to enjoy bath time. / Advantage.2 Vertical air layer with strong edge, does not collapse even when the mother lifts her arm.

  • Advantage.3 Soft curved back: The proper backrest of the incline maintains the posture of the infant. / Advantage.4 Slip prevention stopper: The stopper prevents the infant from slipping.

  • Advantage.5 After cleaning, you can dry in a well-ventilated place. Advantage.6 Space-saving, convenient storage: It is convenient for storing and moving because it can fold small after removing air.

  • Advantage.7 Product size / Capacity: 87 x 53 x 29H(cm), Full capacity: 34L, Proper water level capacity: 15L, Target Age: Newborn baby~, Target height: 60cm / Advantage.8: Composition: Soft bath tub, Air injector

  • Caution:1.Please make sure that the water temperature of the tub does not exceed 50 degrees. The appropriate temperature is 37 to 40 degrees. /2.When using the bathtub, do not leave the baby alone, but be sure to watch it./ 3.Do not move the tub while the baby is in the tub.

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