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Playmobil - T-Rex Attack

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Almost Gone

Product Description

The researcher on the quad is on the run from the attacking T-Rex and Deinonychus.

The dinosaur explorer is just driving his quad bike through the wilderness, when the hungry T-Rex catches sight of him and rushes toward him. Quickly away now, otherwise it will be uncomfortable! Deinonychus also prefers to make a run for it. After all, an angry T-Rex is not to be trifled with. A detailed dinosaur playset for exciting play adventures. Set includes a PLAYMOBIL dinosaur explorer with an anesthetic gun and photo camera, a T-Rex and a Deinonychus, as well as a quad bike and a rock. Items are fixed to the shelf of the quad with the silicone fastening strap. The dinosaur figures can tilt their heads up and down, open their lower jaws, and move their arms and legs individually.

Figures: 1 man; Animals: 1 Deinonychus, 1 T-Rex; Accessories: 1 quad, 1 rock, 5 bones, 1 photo camera, 1 anesthetic gun, 1 Fahrn, 1 silicone belt;

This product belongs to the PLAYMOBIL® PLUS range. This item is intended as accessories and additions to existing PLAYMOBIL sets.

Recommended for ages 4+

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