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Playmobil - Construction Site with Flatbed

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Almost Gone

Product Description

The craftsmen move away, the building materials are ready and the Playmobil construction vehicles drive ahead - including the Playmobil minidumper, the Playmobil truck and the Playmobil crane. Each of the 3 busy construction workers responsibly takes on a task and begins working with the vehicles. Finally, the new high-rise house should be built in no time at the Playmobil construction site. So while using the crane the heavy chunks of walls are placed, the mini dumper and the tipper loader clear all kinds of rubble to the side. But even craft is needed: The Playmobil construction workers place a stone on their own and with a lot of strength to the wall. So slowly you can guess what is created here step by step and stone by stone.

Contains: 1 truck, 1 rotating crane with movable, lockable boom and winch, 1 mini dumper with pivoting trough, stones can be combined to the wall and much more.

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