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Pigeon - Bath Water Temperature Thermometer - White Bear

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Product Description

■ Product overview
Manufacturer: Pigeon
Product name: Hot water temperature gauge White bear
Category: Daily miscellaneous goods
Contents: 1 piece
Product overview: A hot water temperature gauge that can be floated on a bath and measured happily.
With an easy-to-read suitable temperature display.
Recommended for baby bathing and bathing.

■ Product Description
● fun and can measure water temperature meter floating on Ofuro
● easy-to-read proper temperature display with
● Recommended for bathing and bathing of baby

■ Use
● The water temperature gauge at the time of bathing It is for measuring the hot water temperature. Please avoid other uses.
● Be sure to check the temperature by hand before putting the baby in the floor.
● The upper part of the hot water gets hotter, so stir well before measuring.
● The hot water temperature gauge may be damaged if it is dropped, bumped, or if it is floated and the hot water is boiled.
● Do not use products that are damaged or run out of liquid (the red temperature sensitive liquid is separated).
● Never leave the product in a place below -10 degrees Celsius or use it in hot water above 60 degrees Celsius.
● Because a glass tube is used, please be careful not to touch it with children.

■ How to Save
Please keep out of reach of children.

■ Ingredients
・ Main body: Styrol resin (heat resistant temperature 70 degrees)
・ Temperature sensitive liquid: White kerosene

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