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Pigeon - Soft Cool Pillow - Little Bear

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*** New design ♪ ***

Convenient to use on both sides ♪
Pigeon's Soft Cool Pillow Pigeon Friends

●Cute and cool design.
It is designed with the idea that you can spend a comfortable and relaxing time as if you were in the forest.
●Both sides have different temperatures, so use the front side for restful sleep and the back side for heat generation.It can be used in two ways depending on the application.
・Front side: The printed side of the character is the front side.It is ideal as a pillow for a good night's sleep in the summer, as the cold air is gentle.
・Back side: Cold air is strong, so please use it when you have a fever.
●Because it is soft and does not harden even when cooled, it fits gently on the head.
-Since it is a thin specification, it can be used neatly even in the freezer without taking up space.
● It can be used safely from newborns (from 0 months) to adults.
●Safety double structure with inner bag and outer bag.
● This product uses non-vinyl chloride materials.

<Convenient at times like this!>>
When you have trouble sleeping, fever, etc.