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Pigeon - Baby's Clothing Soap Pure for Partial Washing 120g

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A soap for baby clothes that can be easily removed by washing it in a machine only, and can clean off stubborn stains.

●A cleansing composition for babies and spilled food is clean with a combination of vegetable cleansing ingredients and enzymes.

●It can also be used for spilled food.

● Contains antibacterial ingredients. Keep your baby's clothing clean.

No additives (no bleach, no phosphorus, no fluorescent agent)Shop Pigeon and other top child care brands on Panda Kids online

The Pigeon brand embraces the importance of promoting the healthy growth of each and every child. Through advanced research, development and innovation, Pigeon helps mothers and families properly care for their newborn child. Using maternity and infant safe materials, as a parent you can be confident that Pigeon products are keeping your child well nourished.

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