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Pigeon - Nappy Disposal Bin

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Product Description

Package size: Height 336 mm x front width 435 mm x depth 260 mm

Body size after assembly: 

Maximum height (* 1) 515 mm x width 257 mm x maximum depth (* 2) 261 mm

The stale is a diaper trash bin that does not require a cartridge (dedicated trash bag).
It is economical because you can use a commercially available garbage bag to refill . (Recommended size: 20 to 30L)

Approximately 25 S size disposable diapers are discarded.

Strongly sealed structure strongly blocks the odour of disposable diapers.
Even though the design is simple, it cuts the odour of diapers.

Even when changing the trash bag, the odour is less likely to leak because the trash bag is sealed by firmly holding the mouth of the trash bag.

A stylishly designed diaper processor that fits naturally into the interior.



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