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Pigeon - Insect Kururin Cloth Mist Type - 50ml - Suitable for 0m+

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Product Description

■ Product Overview
Manufacturer: Pigeon
Product Name: Insect Kururin Cloth Mist Type (50mL)
Category: Daily Goods
Contents: 50mL
Product Overview: [From 0 months] Protect your baby in a wide range without applying it to your skin Mist for cloth products

■ Product features
A mist for cloth products that protects babies in a wide range without being applied to the skin. Insects are less likely to approach just by spraying on clothes or strollers. It is made of essential oils of natural herbs that are said to dislike insects and ingredients for food. A refreshing citrus scent. You can also sterilize.

■ Raw materials / ingredients / materials / materials
Lemon cent tea tree oil, citronellal, lavender oil, surfactant, ethanol

■ Product specifications / contents
[Duration] Approximately 3 hours * Varies depending on the usage environment.
[Use] Insect repellent for unpleasant pests such as chironomids and butterfly flies (type sprayed on cloth products)

■ Taste / fragrance
Kankitsu-type scent

■ How to use
Spray on cloth products such as clothes and strollers 20 to 30 cm apart please.

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