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Pigeon - FunFriends Minnie Mouse Baby Pacifier for 6-18months/Size L

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Product Description

The figure using it is cute!

We have a wide selection of designs that can be selected according to gender and age.

・Designed to be gentle on the skin and leave no marks around the mouth.

・The printing surface is wide, and the fun of choosing a pattern spreads. You look cute when you smoke.

A pacifier that sucks well and has a calming effect, developed based on research into the oral cavity of babies.

■Point 1 "Shape"

Nipple shape that makes it easy for babies to move their tongue naturally.

Change the length and width of the nipple for each size according to the growth of the mouth.

By using a size that matches the developmental stage according to the age of the month, the baby can suck well and the calming effect increases.

■Point 2 "Softness"

The softness of the nipple puts less burden on the chin, and it fits flexibly to the movement of the mouth.

■Point 3 "Center of gravity balance"

A stable design that prevents it from falling out of your mouth when you are smoking.

■Point 4 "Weight"

Weight that makes it easy for babies to hold in their mouths.

Supervised by a pediatric dentist who considers tooth development (Dr. Mitsuko Inoue).

*It is necessary to consider the time and period of use when using a pacifier. After 1 year of age, gradually reduce the amount of time you use it per day, and stop using it by the age of 2.5 years.

* Babies may behave unexpectedly. Please be sure to use it within the reach of parents.

Disinfection method  

Boiling: ○

Microwave: ○

Chemical solution: ○

Raw materials

       Nipple: silicone rubber, seat plate, etc.: polypropylene

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