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Pigeon - First Finish Dedicated Electric Toothbrush - Pink

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Product Description

Introducing the "first electric toothbrush for finishing" that can be used from around 6 months!

With 2 selectable modes of sonic vibration and 2 types of step-up brushes that can be used for a long time, you can quickly and thoroughly remove dirt without discomfort.

A special toothbrush for finishing brushes that moms and dads will brush gently.

■"Sound wave vibration of 2 modes" which is selectable in conformity to child

・First "soft mode": Frequency of approximately 12,000 times/m (at the time of no load)

When we are not used to electric toothbrush. Weak vibration is gentle on teeth and gums.

・If you get used to it, "firm mode": Approximately 16,000 vibrations/minute (when no load)

when you get used to an electric toothbrush. Moderate vibration removes dirt firmly.

■"Two types of step-up brushes" that can be used for a long time

・From around 6 months (Approximate number of teeth: 1 to 8)

"Super soft extra-fine bristles" polish teeth without scratching them.

・From around 12 months (Approximate number of teeth: 9 or more)

"Two types of flocked brushes" thoroughly remove dirt.

The center of the brush (the colored part) uses firm bristles that are highly effective in cleaning, and soft bristles around it that do not easily scratch the gums. *When using an electric toothbrush for the first time, please use a brush that is "around 6 months old." The electric toothbrush body has 3 brushes*. Since the brush is a consumable item, replace it when the bristles spread out or the dirt on the brush becomes conspicuous.

* 2 brushes from 6 months old, 1 brush from 12 months

■ Lots of easy-to-use ingenuity!

・"LED light" that makes it easy to brush every corner

Brightly illuminates the inside of the mouth, making it easy to brush the back teeth. ・"Notification function" that makes finishing brushing

more efficient

! It is recommended that you spend about 30 seconds on each block and brush for a total of 2 minutes.Pigeon

's electric toothbrush notifies you of the time by sound and vibration every 30 seconds, so you can brush efficiently in 2 minutes. It will automatically stop afterward to prevent over-brushing.

・"Thin head" that is perfect for small mouths

The tip of the brush is thin, so it is easy to brush inside the baby's small mouth.

・"Curved neck" with an easy-to-

brush angle The shape of the brush is curved at an angle that makes it easy to brush, making it easy to reach the target area.

・"Flat bottom shape" for hygienic storage

Since the bottom of the electric toothbrush is flat, it can stand independently and can be stored hygienically.

・"Non-slip grip" for easy brushing・Water resistance: IPX7

(waterproof for everyday use)・

Co-developed with a dentist [For dental health]

・Get into the habit of brushing your teeth after drinking milk or fruit juice or eating.

・Daily tooth brushing habits are important for preventing tooth decay.

・Let's have a regular checkup at the dentist once every six months.

Set content: 

1 electric toothbrush

2 brushes (from around 6 months)

1 brush (from around 12 months)


Power supply: 1 AAA alkaline battery (sold separately)

Body size: Maximum outer diameter approx. 22mm x Height 162mm

Heatproof temperature 60°C (finishing brush)

*Cannot be sterilized by boiling, chemicals, or microwave

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