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Pigeon - Breastfeeding Nursing Pad - 126pcs - Made in Japan

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Product Description

As a new mum, breastfeeding can be a quite an unfamiliar landscape to navigate. From latching problems with newborns to leaking breasts, it can be challenging to overcome these uncomfortable obstacles. Luckily there are ways you can manage these issues, ensuring a seamless nursing experience as you get more acquainted with the process.

Leaking while nursing typically happens in the early weeks of nursing, when mothers have an abundance of breastmilk. Breasts may leak when they become so full of milk that they overflow. One way you can manage leaking while nursing is utilising the popular choice amongst breast feeding mothers, nursing pads.

This 126-piece nursing pad pack by Pigeon includes 5 adhesive strips on every pad. These pads provide leak-proof coverage and quick absorbency for breastfeeding mothers. These pads are highly absorbent but ultra-thin, trapping your milk while still remaining concealed under your clothing.

Applying Pigeon nursing pads

Applying Pigeon nursing pads is simple. Make sure your nipple is dry and apply cream if necessary. Position on the centre of the breast and directly over the nipple and secure the nursing pad in the bra cup. Replace immediately when damp to avoid the risk of bacterial growth and infection. Most new mothers wear breastfeeding pads for the first few months of nursing, until the milk becomes regulated and leaking slows.

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