Pigeon - Breastfeeding feeling Baby bottle (made of heat-resistant glass)-160ml/240ml

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★ 11th consecutive year! Tamahiyo Baby Goods Award 2020, 1st place in baby bottle category!
★2016 Mothers Selection Awards!

Baby bottles that support breastfeeding.
breast-feeding nipple made by researching the mouth movement of a baby drinking mom's breasts for 60 years .

You can reproduce the same movements of your mouth as when you drink your breasts directly, so it is easy to use with your breasts. Comfortably assists breastfeeding.

The gentle rounded bottle is easy to hold in your hand and does not roll easily. This bottle design pursues a fit that fits your hand, so that your baby and mom can comfortably breastfeed, and it can be easily held in various breastfeeding postures that change depending on the growth stage and scene .

Wide mouth type that is easy to wash and easy to prepare.

Made of heat-resistant glass.
2 sizes (160ml / 240ml) according to the baby's feeding amount.
You can choose the color of the cap from two colors.

* Breastfeeding nipples
focus on feeding a baby, especially a "newborn" baby.
As a result of continuing research, three steps of such baby feeding
1. Adsorption
2. Kyu Tetsu
3. We are pursuing to be able to reproduce swallowing .

■ Step 1: Pucker up-Adsorption (sucking )

With the same wide caliber as a baby sucking, the areola part has a clean shape.
It is smooth when you put it in your mouth, promotes the sucker function of the lips, and can firmly adsorb. Because it can be adsorbed firmly, it will be difficult to swallow excess air.

■ Step 2: Pulling out the milk by moving the tongue-Kewette's peristaltic movement, like a wave motion on the tongue, squeezes the nipple to pull out the milk. It is soft and thick enough to make this movement possible.

■ Step 3: Swallow-swallow (energy)
Swallowing is smooth because you can drink the right amount of milk and milk according to the baby's growth.