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Pigeon - Breastfeeding Feeling Nipple Teats - 2pcs - Size S/M/L/LL

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Product Description

Breastfeeding sensation ® baby bottle nipples that have been researched and
developed over 60 years of baby feeding movement *

 This product is different from Breastfeeding Sense ® direct attachment nipples for hospitals and hospitals.

* The age of a month is a guideline. Please use the nipple that suits your baby.

<About cleaning>

Use a neutral detergent for cleaning.
The fat and protein of milk easily sticks to baby bottles and nipples and is difficult to remove, so over time, it may stick and discolor the nipple. After feeding, wash baby bottles and nipples as soon as possible after use.

<Reference for replacement>

It is recommended to replace the silicone rubber nipple within 2 months from the start of use, or 24 hours of cumulative boiling disinfection, 20 hours of cumulative autoclave *2 . Regardless of the disinfection time or the number of times of use, replace it if any abnormality such as tearing, breaking, or deterioration is seen.

*1 Sterilize by either 121 to 124°C/15 minutes or 135°C/3 minutes according to the autoclave handling method.
*2 "Cumulative time" is the time that does not include temperature rise/fall is.

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