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Pigeon - Breast Milk Feeling Heat-Resistant Glass Bottle - 240ml - Bear

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Product Description

-Supported by many
moms- "Tamahiyo Baby Goods Award" 2022 / 1st place in the baby bottle category
"Mother's Selection Award" 2021 selected by mom's voice "Must

be smooth to use with breasts"
Breastfeeding Jikkan®" baby bottles and nipples developed with the aimof allowing you to drink with the same mouth movements .

Assists breastfeeding comfortably by providing proper latch-on and smooth tongue movement for the baby.

■"Latch Online®",
which is a guideline for how deep a baby can hold a nipple.
It is a line that serves as a guideline for the "depth of the mouth" for moms and dads who are unsure of how far to let the baby bite.

This “Latch Online®” guides the baby to proper adsorption (latch-on) and supports smooth breastfeeding.

* Latch-on means that the mother puts her nipple in the baby's mouth at the same time that the baby tries to suck on the mother's nipple.
If the latch-on works well, the baby's feeding and the mother's feeding can start smoothly.

■"Softness" that allows smooth tongue movements of
babies In order for babies to drink smoothly, the nipples of baby bottles need to be "soft" like mother's breasts.

Adopted silicone rubber exclusively for breastfeeding nipples, which was developed to realize it.
One step closer to the softness of mom's nipples.

■ 6 sizes to choose from according to baby's development
Pigeon's long-term research has shown that too much flow that does not match the development puts a burden on the baby's breathing.

Therefore, the "Breast Milk Jikkan®" nipples are available in different sizes by changing the shape and size of the nipple's sucking hole so that the baby can drink the appropriate amount according to the baby's development.

■ Easy-to-hold thickness and easy-to-use wide-mouthed bottle Based on feedback from
moms, we created an easy-to-hold thickness and curved bottle.
The wide mouth type makes it easy to wash after use and easy to prepare milk.

A heat-resistant glass bottle with a capacity of 240ml.
It is a cute bottle with a design all around.

Comes with M size nipples (from around 3 months).
Available in 2 sizes (160ml/240ml) to suit your baby's feeding volume and purpose.

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