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Pigeon - Breast Milk Feeling Heat-Resistant Glass Bottle - 240ml

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Product Description

<Product features>

■Design to lead to appropriate adsorption (latch on) We guide
to appropriate depth with line becoming indication of position that baby adds nipple to.

■ Soft nipples for smooth tongue movements Using
newly developed silicone rubber, we have brought the softness of mother's nipples one step closer.

■Flow size line-up
to suit development We have changed the shape and size of the suction hole so that you can drink the appropriate amount according to your baby's development.

■Easy-to-hold thick and easy-to-use wide-mouthed bottle
Easy-to-hold thick and curved bottle.It is a wide-mouthed type that is easy to wash after use.

for purpose and overview of development

<About cleaning>

Use a neutral detergent such as "baby bottle wash" for cleaning.
Fats and proteins in milk easily stick to baby bottles and nipples and are difficult to remove.Wash baby bottles and nipples after breastfeeding as soon as possible after use.

<Disinfection/sterilization method>

[Nipple, bottle]

Sterilize at 121°C/15 minutes, 126°C/10 minutes, or 134°C/3 minutes according to the autoclave handling method.


Breast Milk Real®Nipple3 months / M size (round hole) included

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