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Pigeon - Baby Whole Body Foam Soap Bottle- 500ml

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Almost Gone

Product Description

Skin care for the driest period of a baby's life that comes soon after birth.
Start from the day of birth with this "moisturizing skin wash" skin care.
Keeps your baby moisturized in and after the bath.
No. 1 in the baby soap category of the "Tamahiyo Baby Goods Awards 2024". A foam baby soap that can be used from newborns. Itis slightly acidic, similar to the skin, so you can wash your face.Contains "Pigeon Natural Moisture*", an ingredient necessary for immature baby skin.*

Moisturizing ingredients: Ceramide NP + Phytosteryl Isostearate.

Washes without removing too much sebum, leaving moisture behind.A pump bottle that can be dispensed with one hand while holding the baby.The tip of the pump is cut diagonally, so the foam falls to the bottom of the pump and is easy to pick up. Weaklyacidic, colorant-free, and fragrance-free. Free of parabens, alcohol, and animal-derived ingredients.Skin irritation tested by a dermatologist (does not mean that skin problems will not occur in everyone).

*The "Tamahiyo Baby Goods Awards 2024" is a project that presents the results of a survey of 2,062 Tamahiyo reader moms and dads about products and services that they "actually enjoyed using" in the form of a ranking.

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