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Pigeon - Baby Clear Oil 80ml - Made in Japan

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Baby oil that contains "Pigeon Baby Lipid (*)", a moisturizing component similar to baby's vernix.
For point care such as cleaning the nose, ears and navel.

Gives moisture to dry skin, and keeps the skin shiny without sticky. Uses vegetable oil.

Recommended for repeated use after lotion and for areas where bulkiness is a concern.
Baby oil that can be used by newborns.

No coloring and fragrance. Paraben free.
Tested for skin irritation.

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The Pigeon brand embraces the importance of promoting the healthy growth of each and every child. Through advanced research, development and innovation, Pigeon helps mothers and families properly care for their newborn child. Using maternity and infant safe materials, as a parent you can be confident that Pigeon products are keeping your child well nourished.

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