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Pigeon - Baby Bottle Washing Easy Foam Spray Refill - 250ml

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For newborn babies.
- Plant-based cleaning ingredients
- Specialized for stubborn milk stains
- No additives (coloring, fragrance, phosphorus)
- Can be used to wash vegetables by soaking, so it is very useful during the weaning period and can be used for a long time.

Foam spray type that reduces the hassle of cleaning.
- Just spray on milk stains and rinse (※1)
- Removes dirt from areas that cannot be reached with a sponge
- For cleaning baby bottles, nipples, breast pumps, pacifiers, baby food vegetables and fruits (※2), dishes, and toys.

The amount of foam can be adjusted with the green part at the tip of the spray.
- 2-way type with thin and wide bubbles
- Thin bubbles are for hard-to-clean areas such as nipples and straws
- Wide bubbles are recommended for cleaning the entire inside of baby bottles and baby goods with many parts at once.

Refill for one use, 250ml.
Please refill the "Baby Bottle Washing Easy Foam Spray 270ml" body and use.

*1 Rub stubborn stains with a sponge.
*2 Do not spray directly on vegetables and fruits.

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