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Pigeon - Baby Bottle Washing Concentrated Type Refill - 250ml

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Product Description

For newborn babies.
・Made from 100% food grade ingredients
・Contains sodium citrate to remove stubborn milk stains
・Additive-free (coloring, fragrance, phosphorus)
・Can also be used to wash vegetables, so it is useful during the weaning period and can be used for a long time

A detergent that can thoroughly wash things that go into a baby's mouth.
・Washes baby bottles, nipples, breast pumps, pacifiers, baby food vegetables and fruits, tableware, toys
・Sterilizes sponges*
・Generates low foam, quickly removes foam, and is easy to rinseConcentrated type that can be washed with half the amount of pump-type baby bottle cleaner

. Refill for one use, 250ml.
Please refill into the "Baby Bottle Cleaner Concentrated Type 300ml" body and use.

*Does not sterilize all bacteria.

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