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Pigeon - Baby Bottle Sponge Brush

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A cleaning brush that can clean every corner with uneven surfaces thatreach the bottom and shoulder of the Breast Milk Realization Baby Bottle .

The uneven shape fits closely to the inside of the bottle and can clean all the way to the shoulder.
The two-layer structure with a mesh sponge sandwiched
in between removes dirt from the corners and the sponge shape
with a firm fold thoroughly removes stubborn dirt from the bottom of the bottle.It can be washed in two ways: rotating wash that can easily clean every corner, and a straight washthat can thoroughly clean.

The easy-to-grip handle has an angle that makes it easy to turn, allowing for quick rotating washes.If you hold the handle and knob together, the brush will not rotate,allowing for thorough straight washing.The sponge is replaceable and hygienic.The "Breast Milk Realization Sponge Brush Replacement Brush" (※1)is now availableat your local drugstore, baby specialty store, etc. that carries Pigeon products !The tip of the brush can be replaced,making it hygienic and economical to use!Recommended replacement every 3 months. *2Please contact your local drugstore, baby specialty store, etc. that carries Pigeon products, orvisit the Pigeon official online shop.*1 For use with the Breastmilk Sponge Brush only. Cannot be attached to other products.Can be used with all Pigeon baby bottles, including slim type baby bottles and breast milk consultation room baby bottles.*2 Brushes are consumables. Replace with new ones when wear or dirt becomes noticeable.The description on the packaging bag of the Breastmilk Sponge Brush, "※ Can be used with all Pigeon baby bottles,"was incorrectly written as "※ Can be used with all Pigeon baby bottles."


Brush: Polyurethane (heat resistant temperature: 80°C)
Brush head: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature: 80°C)
Pattern: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature: 120°C)
Handle: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature: 120°C)

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