People Baby teether- Rapairodori of pure rice - Made in Japan

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Target age:  0 months or more

How to care: 

If the main unit becomes dirty, wipe it with a squeezed wet towel. Disinfection with boiling water, boiling water, microwave, chemicals (bactericidal agent, wet tissue, etc.) may cause damage such as breakdown, deformation, and cracks. Please absolutely stop.

Before and after use, wipe with a squeezed wet towel to clean it.

When you have finished playing, shake the mouth down and drain the saliva. If saliva accumulates inside, no sound will be heard. In that case, please wash with water.

When washing with water, rinse the mouth well with water and shake it with the mouth sideways to drain the water. After sufficiently draining the water, wipe off the moisture with a clean cloth, place the blower opening on top, and let it air dry in a well-ventilated place. Remaining moisture during storage can cause mold and odor. (Please do not dry it with a dryer.)

If water remains in the interior due to insufficient draining and drying, no sound will be heard. In that case, please drain and dry again