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Octoto - Kids Travel Mini Dining Set

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Octoto Kids Travel Mini Dining Set

Cute face express design
Very light-weighted, only palm-sized
Fully split design, support a variety of combinations for variable capacity
Fork and spoon included
Silicone non-slip design with silicone bear ear, elasticity and drop resistance, easy to open
Food-grade safety material, chewable
The fork and spoon can be put inside the snack bowl
Spoon is designed for the right hand, help to develop the left brain. The sawtooth structure fork makes it easy to pick up food
Microwave & dishwasher safe

For Age: 6 months to 3 years old
Color: yellow
Material: Polypropylene (PP), food grade silicone
Weight: 269g
Size: 14.4x13.7x6.5cm

Package included:
1x lid
1x silicone plate
1x snack bowl
1x complementary food bowl
1x PP fork spoon
1x manual

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