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Octoto - Kids Stainless Steel 3 Compartments Divided Plate Dining Set Plus

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Octoto Kids Stainless Steel 3 - Compartment Divided Plate Dining Set plus

BPA free, microwave & dishwasher free
3 compartments to contain different food
3 layers for more possibilities: 1x white silicone middle layer for fork and spoon, 1x stainless steel divided layer, and 1x colored bottom bowl for large food
Fully split design, seperate dry and wet food, easy to wash
Light-weighted, easy to carry
Sealed (the stainless steel divided layer only), leakage proof, keep the food fresh and delicious
Air-hole button design for easy open, double ear handlers for easy taking
Can be heated via Microwave, hot water, or steaming
Can be used with short handler fork and spoon for little babies, or with stainless steel fork and spoon for kids at learning to eat age
Can be used with Octoto multifunctional silicone box

For Age: 3-10 years old
Color: yellow, Pink or Blue
Capacity: 700ml for the divided stainless steel plate, 1100ml for the bottom bowl
Weight: 440g
Dining Set Size: 21x17.5x6.7cm
Cute Box Size: 14x10.5x1.8cm
Material: food grade PP, 304 stainless steel
Temperature Range: -10℃ to 100℃
Suitable for travelling for dining out

Package Included:
1x colored lid with lock
1x white silicone middle plate
1x stainless steel divided plate
1x colored bottom bowl

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