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MUHI - Baby Anti-itch Liquid for Stopping Rash of Insect Bites - 40ml

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Product Description

A liquid type anti-itch that has been developed according to the itch characteristics of baby's skin, and has a quick effect and gentleness to the skin.

Quick effect against insect bites

- Children's skin has less resistance than adults and is sensitive to insect bites and slight irritation. The liquid can quickly and firmly stop itching with its 2% itch preventive ingredient (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) and the high penetrating power unique to liquids.

- A natural and refreshing feeling due to the evaporation of water is obtained.


<Active ingredient/100g>

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride: 2.0g (Stops itching)

Panthenol (Provitamin B5): 1.0g

Additives contain sodium dihydrogen phosphate, benzethonium chloride, and hydroxyethylcellulose.



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