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Mama&Kids - Baby Protect Veil 18g - Made in Japan

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Product Description

Protect your baby's and kids' mouths from drooling and food stimuli!

Wrap your mouth with a veil to protect your skin from drooling and food irritation. Even though it is a close-fitting veil that repels water, it can be removed properly with a cleaning agent and does not burden the skin. Wear before meals or when there is a lot of drooling.

It is hard to get food and dirt even after it is applied, and it has a smooth texture that is not sticky and is comfortable to wear

Since it repels water well, it protects against stimuli such as spills and drooling. It can be easily removed by simply washing it gently with a baby cleaning agent.

After moisturizing with milky lotion or cream, apply it around your mouth.

How to use

Applying before meals or breastfeeding protects the mouth area, which is prone to rough skin, from irritation such as drooling and spillage.

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  •  Before eating or breastfeeding
  •  When there is a lot of drooling
  • ● For protection of pollen season
  • ● For baby skin care

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