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Mama&Kids - Baby Milky Cream 75g

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Almost Gone

Product Description


* 1 milky white lotion, containing moisturizing ingredients close to fetal fat and amniotic fluid, imitating the environment in the womb, protecting the baby's skin.
* Suitable for babies to use from shortly after birth, and can be used for daily care of the whole body every day.
* Used in the dry season, it will moisturize the skin and keep it moisturized. It is also suitable for spring and summer.
* No fragrance, no coloring, weak acidity, low irritation, no parabens, no alcohol (ethanol), no mineral oil, no petroleum-based surfactants

Main Ingredient
Baby lotion (ceramide, cholesterol, phospholipid, triglyceride) (moisturizing and protective ingredients), 8 kinds of moisturizing amino acids, multifunctional moisturizing ingredients (trehalose, xylitol, active moisturizing factor®, PCA sodium) (moisturizing ingredients) ), squalane, natural vitamin E

Suitable for newborn.

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