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Mama&Kids - Baby Milk Lotion 150ml

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Product Description

Mama & Kids moisturizing and non-irritating infant eczema prevention moisturizer (150g)

* This cream is most suitable for autumn and winter, creamy but not sticky. Good on prevention of eczema, recommended by midwives in Japan

[Capacity]: 150g
[Applicable age]: Suitable from Newborn
[Place of Origin]: Japan

【brand introduction】:
Mama&Kids is a Japanese skin care brand. It is a low-irritation and high-function skin care product designed by Japan Natural Science Co., Ltd. and dermatologists, obstetrics, and pediatric dermatologists. It is specially designed for sensitive and delicate skin of pregnant women, newborns and infants. The entire brand product has passed the quality and safety performance tests conducted by experts based on the principle of no synthetic flavors and no pigments. In terms of product ingredients, strict selection of raw materials not only suitable for sensitive skin, but also helps to promote the skin's natural moisturizing ability. Focusing on oligosaccharides extracted from black sugar, natural raw materials such as organic olives and black pearls are strictly selected, and the essence is extracted from them, combined with the most advanced science and technology, so that they can stay in the skin for a long time and promote the skin's metabolism. The light yellow and sweet fragrance in the product are the unique color and fragrance of natural oligosaccharides. From development to manufacturing, all products are managed by Nippon Natural Science Co., Ltd., and in order to ensure quality, there is currently no branch outside Japan, which means that the products are completely made in Japan. And taking into account safety performance and environmental protection issues, the use of light and not easily broken containers, and the use of simple sealed packaging.

This product only extracts the necessary nutrients needed by the baby's skin. It is the same 8 amino acids as the amniotic fluid in the mother's stomach, which moisturizes and cares for the baby's skin. The ingredients are close to fetal fat, strengthen the baby's skin's own defense ability, and can continuously and effectively care for the baby's skin, refreshing and comfortable, without greasy feeling! Both babies and mothers can use it.

(1) It is a whole body + face moisturizer that can be used from babies
(2) 1 bottle can fully achieve the balance of moisture and oil supplement
(3) No fragrance, no pigment, weak acidity, low irritation, suitable for newborn babies and babies with sensitive skin and eczema skin.

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