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LION - Clinica Kid's Toothpaste - Grape Flavour 60g

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Product Description

A toothpaste just for kids!

This medicated toothpaste contains fluoride to help remineralize baby teeth and new adult teeth. Specially formulated with the enzyme dextranase to break up and remove plaque, helping prevent cavities.

Flavours: Strawberry

● The active ingredient that decomposes and removes plaque Dextnalase enzyme chemically decomposes and removes plaque

● Fluorine (sodium fluoride) combination. Promotes remineralization of teeth, strengthens the tooth structure and prevents plaque teeth

● Contains cleaning scrub that enhances the effect of removing plaque

● Contains xylitol (natural material sweetener)

Size:Width 52 mm x height 135 mm x depth 33 mm

Made in Japan

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