Kiwicool - 2 in1 Foldable Balance Bike & Tricycle

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The Kiwicool 2-in-1 Foldable Balance Bike & Tricycle

The Kiwicool 2-in-1 Balance Bike & Tricycle is the perfect first ride for your child. It’s a baby ride-on, a glide along tricycle, and even as a foldable balancing bike – all in one!

The Kiwicool 2-in-1 lets you adjust between a three wheeled tricycle and a two wheeled bicycle, all by bringing the back wheels together. You can add pedals when you think they’re ready and adjust out the handlebars to accommodate a growing reach.

Buy a balancing bike for your toddler with Panda Kids

While your child might grow out of a normal baby ride-on in a short while, the Kiwicool 2-in-1 is adjustable – letting you change the bike to match what your child is ready for.

A balancing bike is a great way to inspire independence and confidence in your child at an early age. With your guidance, your little one will get the chance to develop balance and coordination, all the while learning to get around.

Guide your little one along safely by letting them work through the steps at their own pace. Buy the Kiwicool 2-in-1 Foldable Balance Bike & Tricycle online with Panda Kids today!

Details and Specifications

  •   The Kiwicool 2-in-1 can handle a load of up to 50kgs.
  •   The seat height is adjustable between 28cm and 35cm.
  •   Suitable for toddlers and children between the heights 77cm to 105cm.


  1. Protective gear or helmet equipment should be worn. Not to be used in traffic. 
  2. Baby use tricycles under the supervision of their parents or adults. 
  3. Seat height can be adjustable. Material: Carbon Steel frame, Plastic Wheels, PU seat Perfect for Birthday Gift!