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KAO Merries - First Premium Trial Nappy Tape Sample Pack - 1pc

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Product Description

Merries First Premium by KAO JAPAN

Merries First Premium diaper range is developed using best quality materials.
A super premium diaper range to provide only the best quality for your babies’ sensitive and delicate skin.

Made in Japan, using only the best quality ingredients for ultimate comfort.

Gentle cashmere touch like a mother’s gentle embrace

  • A high-quality feel which is comfortable not only for babies but also for parents.

Contain organic argon oil

  • 100% Air through material to release stuffiness and ensure long-lasting dryness for babies’ ultimate comfort

  • Unique dual convex shape top sheet for quick absorption of pee and poo.

Allergy tested.

*This does not guarantee that baby will not experience any allergy reaction when using this products.

97% of mummies in Japan expressed product satisfaction after usage!

Comfortable functional features:

  • Gathers at the waist and side to prevents leakage! (back gather is on tape S to Pants XL size)

  • Long-lasting absorbency. Pee is absorbed and locked in from night till morning.

  • Soft reusable magic seal, and the rounded corner is gentle to baby’s skin.

  • Colour-changing wetness indicators. When the strips change colour to dark blue, it is time to change the diaper.

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