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KAO Merit - Kids Conditioner Refill - 285ml

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Product Description

The very first conditioner for children, Merit Kids Conditioner with plant extracts for delicate baby hair, for easy combing and easy blow-drying.

The Merit Kids Conditioner for children will allow you to comb fine hair without tears and pain, eliminate “shaggy” hair, and give it smoothness.

● Easy to spread and use.

● Hair does not get tangled even when using a hair dryer, and it is easy to dry.

● The same weak acidity as hair and skin

● Pump that can be easily pressed by children

● Recommended for children to useindependently

✿ Chamomile, eucalyptus and fruit acid to moisturize and care for the scalp.

✿ Licorice extract prevents itching and dandruff.

Gentle scent of peach soap

How to use: Apply a small amount of conditioner to the hair after shampooing, distribute over the entire length of the hair and rinse thoroughly.

The same series of “shampoo” that can be used as a set

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